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Onion Oil – Natural, Healthy & Youthful Hair


Optimizes the hair growth cycle.
Prevents breakage and thinning.
Delays premature greying.
Increase strength and volume.
Fight’s dandruff and Improves hair texture.
Can be used as a natural conditioner.
It contains vitamin a,c,e and b-complex.
It boosts the immune system.
Brighten the complexion.
Protect against harmful uv rays.
Combat’s hair loss.
Promotes fast hair growth.
Prevents hair from split ends.
Adds shine.
Best for beard growth.
• 100ml


Onion Oil is a breakthrough hair product that actually reverses the hair loss cycle. It gives you back your natural, healthy and youthful hair. It’s the one thing you’ll need to stop your hair from thinning, receding, or graying. With Onion Oil, you can have that long and healthy hairstyle of your dreams!

In addition to that, it also has a number of benefits – it can effectively reduce scalp itchiness and dandruff, help restore your scalp’s natural pH balance, prevent excessive oil production, and more. Made with 100% pure and natural ingredients.

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120ml, 200ml

How To Use

Onion oil can be mixed with any essential oil according to requirement for double benefits.

Hair: You can choose to leave onion oil for an hour or overnight then wash it off using shampoo or conditioner. Overnight remedy will give your hair enough time to take benefit from it.

Avoid applying to eyes, ears, mouth and broken skin. Do a patch test before using the oil to ensure it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Our Vision

Far Organics is a premium Pakistani brand which deals in 100 % in pure and natural products. We are on a mission to explore the secrets of nature which heals human body and brain. We believe that our mother-nature contains remedies of all our physical and psychological weaknesses. So, join our journey to explore the nature for a healthy and meaningful lifestyle.


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